Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Help Improve Blood Sugar Levels

Gastric bypass surgery has become an extremely popular weight loss method for people who are morbidly obese.  It can be a life saving procedure where doctors create a very small stomach like pouch in the patient, which bypasses the rest of the upper small intestine and stomach.  This prevents the patient from overeating, as there is no room for large quantities of food in the new stomach.  The weight loss results are amazing and nearly as good as some supplements such as garcinia & forskolin extract.  Doctors are also finding that stomach surgeries can help reduce Type 2 diabetes.  Up to 90 percent of patients with blood sugar issues noticed a remission after having the bypass surgery.  The smaller stomachs result in a large loss of appetite and the effects on the metabolic system in the body seem to help reverse the diabetic condition.  This is great news for people who are excessively obese and who have been suffering the effect of diabetes for years.

Alvin McCray was fighting a losing battle with his weight.

“I was close to 400 pounds and I was getting a shot every day of insulin, and my blood pressure was up there. I was trying to lose weight, would lose a little and gain more,” McCray said.

He had developed diabetes, which, he recalled, started out with doctors telling him to watch what he ate, “then it progressed to pills and then to insulin for 2½ years.”

“That’s when I decided to do a gastric bypass,” McCray said.

The surgery involved creating a small pouch about the size of an egg in his stomach, bypassing the rest of the stomach and the upper portion of the small intestine.

Now, a year and a half later and 150 pounds lighter, McCray, who works in waste management for Miami-Dade County, is off the insulin shots, has good blood sugar readings and his diabetes is almost gone. 

“We have known for decades that weight-loss surgery will result in a reduction of Type 2 diabetes,” said Dr. Raul Rosenthal. A bariatric surgeon, he is the new president of the American Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeons and chief of staff at Cleveland Clinic Florida.