Jared Fogle’s Scumbag Defense Team Blames Pedophilia On Weight Loss

It’s hard to say who’s the bigger scumbag in the whole Jared Fogel sex scandal, Jared, the pedophile, child sex having douche bag or his loser defense team who is not trying to blame his desire to have sex with underage girls on his weight loss.   So I’m sure that somehow there will be a lawsuit in the works against Subway, since they provided the sandwiches that Jared ate for a year in order to lose all that weight.  Remind me to never eat at Subway again and just keep taking my forskolin extract to help with losing a few extra pounds.  I sure don’t want to end up as someone’s bitch in a federal prison, that’s for sure.

According to a forensic psychiatrist that the lawyers dug up, Fogle’s criminal behavior can be attributed to one thing: his weight loss. Oh, and what precipitated the weight loss? That’s right. Subway freakin’ sandwiches. Fogle is, in essence, blaming the sandwiches for why he did what he did.

The psychiatrist, John Bradford, specifically said, “Once he lost weight, it seemed as though in a short time he had hyper-sexuality. There are brain disorders that can be associated with sexual drive.” Losing weight makes you a pedophile. Okay, gotcha. Are all of you doctors taking notes?

The judge sentenced Fogle to 15 years, 8 months in prison. It’s important to note that this is more than what the prosecution was asking for in a plea bargain. Judge Tanya Walton Pratt said that this sentence “does not sufficiently account for the defendant’s criminal conduct.”  Read the full story at TheMarySue.com